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std::as_bytes,std::as_writable_bytes: std::as_bytes,std::as_writable_bytes


std::as_bytes,std::as_writable_bytes - std::as_bytes,std::as_writable_bytes


template< class T, std::size_t N> (1)
std::span<const std::byte, S/* see below */> as_bytes(std::span<T, N> s) noexcept;
template< class T, std::size_t N> (2)
std::span<std::byte, S/* see below */> as_writable_bytes(std::span<T, N> s) noexcept;

Obtains a view to the object representation of the elements of the span s.
If N is std::dynamic_extent, the extent of the returned span S is also std::dynamic_extent; otherwise it is sizeof(T) * N.
as_writable_bytes only participates in overload resolution if std::is_const_v<T> is false.

Return value

1) A span constructed with {reinterpret_cast<const std::byte*>(, s.size_bytes()}.
2) A span constructed with {reinterpret_cast<std::byte*>(, s.size_bytes()}.