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std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::rdstate: std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::rdstate


std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::rdstate - std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::rdstate


iostate rdstate() const;

Returns the current stream error state.



Return value

current stream error state. It is a bitmask type and can be a combination of the following constants:

Constant Explanation
goodbit no error
badbit irrecoverable stream error
failbit input/output operation failed (formatting or extraction error)
eofbit associated input sequence has reached end-of-file


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <sstream>

  int main()
    std::ostringstream stream;

    if (stream.rdstate() == std::ios_base::goodbit) {
      std::cout << "stream state is goodbit\n";


    // check state is exactly eofbit (no failbit and no badbit)
    if (stream.rdstate() == std::ios_base::eofbit) {
      std::cout << "stream state is eofbit\n";


  stream state is goodbit
  stream state is eofbit

See also

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