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std::basic_istringstream::operator=: std::basic_istringstream::operator=


std::basic_istringstream::operator= - std::basic_istringstream::operator=


basic_istringstream& operator=( basic_istringstream&& other ); (since C++11)

Move assigns the string stream other to *this, effectively move-assigning both the std::basic_istream base class and the associated std::basic_stringbuf.
Note that the base class move assignment swaps all stream state variables (except for rdbuf) between *this and other.


other - string stream to move from

Return value



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See also

swap swaps two string streams
          (public member function)

operator= assigns a basic_stringbuf object
          (public member function of std::basic_stringbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>)

operator= move-assigns from another basic_istream
          (protected member function)