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std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::tellp: std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::tellp


std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::tellp - std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::tellp


pos_type tellp();

Returns the output position indicator of the current associated streambuf object.

Behaves as UnformattedOutputFunction (except without actually performing output). After constructing and checking the sentry object, (since C++11)

If fail()==true, returns pos_type(-1). Otherwise, returns rdbuf()->pubseekoff(0, std::ios_base::cur, std::ios_base::out).



Return value

current output position indicator on success, pos_type(-1) if a failure occurs.


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <sstream>
  int main()
      std::ostringstream s;
      std::cout << s.tellp() << '\n';
      s << 'h';
      std::cout << s.tellp() << '\n';
      s << "ello, world ";
      std::cout << s.tellp() << '\n';
      s << 3.14 << '\n';
      std::cout << s.tellp() << '\n' << s.str();


  hello, world 3.14

See also

      sets the output position indicator
seekp (public member function)
      returns the input position indicator
tellg (public member function of std::basic_istream<CharT,Traits>)
      sets the input position indicator
seekg (public member function of std::basic_istream<CharT,Traits>)