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std::basic_string_view<CharT,Traits>::copy: std::basic_string_view<CharT,Traits>::copy


std::basic_string_view<CharT,Traits>::copy - std::basic_string_view<CharT,Traits>::copy


size_type copy( CharT* dest, size_type count, size_type pos = 0 ) const; (since C++17)
                                                                          (until C++20)
constexpr size_type copy( CharT* dest, size_type count, (since C++20)
size_type pos = 0 ) const;

Copies the substring [pos, pos + rcount) to the character array pointed to by dest, where rcount is the smaller of count and size() - pos.
Equivalent to Traits::copy(dest, data() + pos, rcount).


dest - pointer to the destination character string
pos - position of the first character
count - requested substring length

Return value

Number of characters copied


std::out_of_range if pos > size().


Linear in rcount.

See also

       returns a substring
substr (public member function)