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std::basic_syncbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>::set_emit_on_sync: std::basic_syncbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>::set_emit_on_sync


std::basic_syncbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>::set_emit_on_sync - std::basic_syncbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>::set_emit_on_sync


void set_emit_on_sync( bool b ) noexcept;

Changes the current emit-on-sync policy.
The value false (the default) indicates that any flush will be postponed until a call to emit.
The value true makes flushes apply immediately.


b - new value for the emit-on-sync policy


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See also

sync synchronizes the buffers with the associated character sequence
                 (virtual protected member function of std::basic_streambuf<CharT,Traits>)
                 atomically transmits the entire internal buffer to the wrapped streambuf
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