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std::chrono::operator<<(std::chrono::file_time): std::chrono::operator<<(std::chrono::file_time)


std::chrono::operator<<(std::chrono::file_time) - std::chrono::operator<<(std::chrono::file_time)


template <class CharT, class Traits, class Duration>
std::basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& (since C++20)
operator<<(std::basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& os,
const std::chrono::file_time<Duration>& tp);

Outputs tp into the stream os, as if by std::chrono::to_stream(os, fmt, tp), where fmt is a string containing "%F %T" widened to CharT.

Return value


See also

to_stream_(std::chrono::file_time) outputs a file_time into a stream according to the provided format
                                   (function template)