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std::chrono::time_zone: std::chrono::time_zone


std::chrono::time_zone - std::chrono::time_zone


Defined in header <chrono>
class time_zone; (since C++20)

The class time_zone represents all time zone transitions for a specific geographic area.
Users cannot construct time_zone objects. The library implementation creates time_zone objects when it initializes the time zone database and provides const access to these objects.
time_zone is not copyable but does have a defaulted move constructor and a defaulted move assignment operator. However, as users have only const access to time_zone objects, these functions cannot be called in user code without invoking undefined_behavior.

Member functions

         obtains the name of this time_zone
name (public member function)
         obtain information associated with a sys_time or local_time
get_info (public member function)
         converts a local_time in this time zone to a sys_time
to_sys (public member function)
         converts a sys_time to a local_time in this time zone
to_local (public member function)

Nonmember functions

operator!= compares two time_zone objects
operator< (function)