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std::chrono::tzdb_list: std::chrono::tzdb_list


std::chrono::tzdb_list - std::chrono::tzdb_list


Defined in header <chrono>
class tzdb_list; (since C++20)

tzdb_list is a singleton list of std::chrono::tzdbs, each of which represents a copy of the IANA time zone database. Users cannot construct a tzdb_list and can only obtain access to one via the std::chrono::get_tzdb_list free function.

Member types

Member type Definition
const_iterator constant LegacyForwardIterator whose value type is std::chrono::tzdb

Member functions

constructor copy constructor is defined as deleted
              (public member function)

operator= copy assignment operator is defined as deleted
              (public member function)
              access the first element
front (public member function)
              erases an element after an element
erase_after (public member function)
              returns an iterator to the beginning of the list
begin (public member function)
              returns an iterator past the end of the list
end (public member function)