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std::chrono::year_month_weekday_last::year_month_weekday_last: std::chrono::year_month_weekday_last::year_month_weekday_last


std::chrono::year_month_weekday_last::year_month_weekday_last - std::chrono::year_month_weekday_last::year_month_weekday_last


constexpr year_month_weekday_last(const std::chrono::year& y, const std::chrono::month& m, (since C++20)
const chrono::weekday_last& wdl) noexcept;

Constructs a year_month_weekday_last object storing the year y, the month m, and the weekday wdl.weekday(). The constructed object represents the last weekday of that year and month.


A year_month_weekday_last can also be created by combining one of the partial-date types std::chrono::year_month and std::chrono::month_weekday_last with the missing component (weekday_last and year, respectively) using operator/.

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