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std::declare_reachable: std::declare_reachable


std::declare_reachable - std::declare_reachable


Defined in header <memory>
void declare_reachable( void* p ); (since C++11)

Declares the object referenced by the pointer p reachable. Reachable objects will not be deleted by the garbage collector or considered to be a leak by a leak detector even if all pointers to it are destroyed. An object may be declared reachable multiple times, in which case multiple calls to std::undeclare_reachable would be needed to remove this property. For example, a XOR_linked_list needs to declare its nodes reachable if the implementation has garbage collection enabled.


p - a safely-derived pointer or a null pointer

Return value



May throw std::bad_alloc if the system cannot allocate memory required to track reachable objects.


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See also

undeclare_reachable declares that an object can be recycled
                    (function template)