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std::endian: std::endian


std::endian - std::endian


Defined in header <type_traits>
enum class endian
little = /*implementation-defined*/, (1) (since C++20)
big = /*implementation-defined*/,
native = /*implementation-defined*/

Indicates the endianness of all scalar_types:

* If all scalar types are little-endian, std::endian::native equals std::endian::little
* If all scalar types are big-endian, std::endian::native equals std::endian::big

Corner case platforms are also supported:

* If all scalar types have sizeof equal to 1, endianness does not matter and all three values, std::endian::little, std::endian::big, and std::endian::native are the same
* If the platform uses mixed endian, std::endian::native does not equal either std::endian::big nor std::endian::little

Possible implementation

  enum class endian
  #ifdef _WIN32
      little = 0,
      big = 1,
      native = little
      little = __ORDER_LITTLE_ENDIAN__,
      big = __ORDER_BIG_ENDIAN__,
      native = __BYTE_ORDER__


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