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std::error_condition::operator=: std::error_condition::operator=


std::error_condition::operator= - std::error_condition::operator=


error_condition& operator=( const error_condition& other ) noexcept; (1) (since C++11)
                                                                         (implicitly declared)
template< class ErrorConditionEnum > (2) (since C++11)
error_condition& operator=( ErrorConditionEnum e ) noexcept;

Assigns contents to an error condition.
1) Copy assignment operator. Assigns the contents of other.
2) Assigns error condition for enum e. Effectively calls make_error_condition(). Does not participate in the overload resolution unless is_error_condition_enum<ErrorConditionEnum>::value is true.


other - another error condition to initialize with
e - error condition enum

Return value