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std::experimental::any::any: std::experimental::any::any


std::experimental::any::any - std::experimental::any::any


any() noexcept; (1) (library fundamentals TS)
any( const any& other ); (2) (library fundamentals TS)
any( any&& other ) noexcept; (3) (library fundamentals TS)
template<typename ValueType> (4) (library fundamentals TS)
any( ValueType&& value );

Constructs a new any object.
1) Constructs an empty object.
2-3) Copies (2) or moves (3) content of other into a new instance, so that any content is equivalent in both type and value to those of other prior to the constructor call, or empty if other is empty.
4) Constructs an object with initial content an object of type std::decay_t<ValueType>, direct-initialized from std::forward<ValueType>(value). If std::is_copy_constructible<std::decay_t<ValueType>>::value is false, the program is ill-formed. This overload only participates in overload resolution if std::decay_t<ValueType> is not the same type as any.

Template parameters

ValueType - contained value type

Type requirements

std::decay_t<ValueType> must meet the requirements of CopyConstructible.


other - another any object to copy or move from
value - value to initialize the contained value with


2,4) Throws any exception thrown by the constructor of the contained type.

See also

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