std::experimental::atomic_weak_ptr<T>::atomic_weak_ptr (3) - Linux Manuals

std::experimental::atomic_weak_ptr<T>::atomic_weak_ptr: std::experimental::atomic_weak_ptr<T>::atomic_weak_ptr


std::experimental::atomic_weak_ptr<T>::atomic_weak_ptr - std::experimental::atomic_weak_ptr<T>::atomic_weak_ptr


constexpr atomic_weak_ptr() noexcept; (1)
constexpr atomic_weak_ptr( weak_ptr<T> desired ) noexcept; (2)
atomic_weak_ptr( const atomic_weak_ptr& ) = delete; (3)

Constructs a new atomic_weak_ptr object.
1) The default constructor initializes the object to an empty state.
2) Initializes the underlying weak_ptr<T> with desired. The initialization is not atomic.
3) Atomic variables are not CopyConstructible.


desired - value to initialize with