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std::experimental::const_where_expression: std::experimental::const_where_expression


std::experimental::const_where_expression - std::experimental::const_where_expression


Defined in header <experimental/simd>
template < class M, class V >
class const_where_expression;

The class template const_where_expression abstracts the notion of selected elements of a given const object of arithmetic or data-parallel type. Selected elements signifies the elements data[i] for all i ∈ {j ∈ ℕ0 | j < M::size() ⋀ mask[j]}.

Template parameters

M - The mask type
V - The value type M applies on

Valid combinations of (M, V) are: (simd_mask<T, Abi>, const simd<T, Abi>), (simd_mask<T, Abi>, const simd_mask<T, Abi>), (bool, const T).

Member functions

          negates selected elements
operator- (public member function)
          stores selected elements to address
copy_to (public member function)