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std::experimental::filesystem::space: std::experimental::filesystem::space


std::experimental::filesystem::space - std::experimental::filesystem::space


Defined in header <experimental/filesystem>
space_info space(const path& p); (filesystem TS)
space_info space(const path& p, error_code& ec) noexcept;

Determines the information about the filesystem on which the pathname p is located, as if by POSIX statvfs
Populates and returns an object of type space_info, set from the members of the POSIX struct statvfs as follows

* space_info.capacity is set as if by f_blocks*f_frsize
* is set to f_bfree*f_frsize
* space_info.available is set to f_bavail*f_frsize
* Any member that could not be determined is set to static_cast<uintmax_t>(-1)

The non-throwing overload sets all members to static_cast<uintmax_t>(-1) on error.


p - path to examine
ec - out-parameter for error reporting in the non-throwing overload

Return value

The filesystem information (a space_info object)


The overload that does not take a error_code& parameter throws filesystem_error on underlying OS API errors, constructed with p as the first argument and the OS error code as the error code argument. std::bad_alloc may be thrown if memory allocation fails. The overload taking a error_code& parameter sets it to the OS API error code if an OS API call fails, and executes ec.clear() if no errors occur. This overload has
noexcept specification:


space_info.available may be less than


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <experimental/filesystem>
  namespace fs = std::experimental::filesystem;
  int main()
      fs::space_info devi = fs::space("/dev/null");
      fs::space_info tmpi = fs::space("/tmp");

      std::cout << ". Capacity Free Available\n"
                << "/dev: " << devi.capacity << " "
                << << " " << devi.available << '\n'
                << "/tmp: " << tmpi.capacity << " "
                << << " " << tmpi.available << '\n';

Possible output:

  . Capacity Free Available
  /dev: 4175114240 4175110144 4175110144
  /tmp: 420651237376 411962273792 390570749952

See also

           information about free and available space on the filesystem
space_info (class)