std::experimental::future<T>::operator= (3) - Linux Manuals

std::experimental::future<T>::operator=: std::experimental::future<T>::operator=


std::experimental::future<T>::operator= - std::experimental::future<T>::operator=


std::experimental::future<T>& operator=( std::experimental::future<T>&& other ) noexcept; (1)
std::experimental::future<T>& operator=( const std::experimental::future<T>& other ) = delete; (2)

Assigns the contents of another future object.
1) Releases any shared state and move-assigns the contents of other to *this. After the assignment, other.valid() == false and this->valid() will yield the same value as other.valid() before the assignment.
2) std::experimental::future is not CopyAssignable.


other - a std::experimental::future that will transfer state to *this

Return value