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std::experimental::future - std::experimental::future


Defined in header <experimental/future>
template< class T > class future; (1) (concurrency TS)
template< class T > class future<T&>; (2) (concurrency TS)
template<> class future<void>; (3) (concurrency TS)

The class template std::experimental::future extends std::future with the following operations:

* an unwrapping constructor from future<future<T>>;
* a member function is_ready to query whether the associated shared state is ready; and
* a member function then to attach a continuation to the future.

However, there is no interoperation between std::experimental::future and std::future.

Member functions

              construct a future object
constructor (public member function)
              checks if the shared state is ready
is_ready (public member function)
              attaches a continuation to a future
then (public member function)
              moves the future object
operator= (public member function)

Members identical to std::future

Member functions

Note that share() returns a std::experimental::shared_future<T>. The behavior is otherwise identical.

             destructs the future object
destructor (public member function of std::future<T>)
             transfers the shared state from *this to a shared_future and returns it
share (public member function of std::future<T>)

Getting the result

             returns the result
get (public member function of std::future<T>)


             checks if the future has a shared state
valid (public member function of std::future<T>)
             waits for the result to become available
wait (public member function of std::future<T>)
             waits for the result, returns if it is not available for the specified timeout duration
wait_for (public member function of std::future<T>)
             waits for the result, returns if it is not available until specified time point has been reached
wait_until (public member function of std::future<T>)


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See also

shared_future A version of std::shared_future enhanced with continuations and other features
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