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std::experimental::optional<T>::swap: std::experimental::optional<T>::swap


std::experimental::optional<T>::swap - std::experimental::optional<T>::swap


void swap( optional& other ) noexcept(/* see below */); (library fundamentals TS)

Swaps the contents with those of other.

* If neither *this nor other contain a value, the function has no effect.

* If only one of *this and other contains a value (let's call this object in and the other un), the contained value of un is direct-initialized from std::move(*in), followed by destruction of the contained value of in as if by in.val->T::~T(). After this call, in does not contain a value un contains a value.

* If both *this and other contain values, the contained values are exchanged by calling using std::swap; swap(**this, *other). T lvalues must satisfy Swappable.


other - the optional object to exchange the contents with

Return value



noexcept specification:
noexcept(std::is_nothrow_move_constructible<T>::value &&
noexcept(swap(std::declval<T&>(), std::declval<T&>())))
In the case of thrown exception, the states of the contained values of *this and other are determined by the exception safety guarantees of swap of type T or T's move constructor, whichever is called. For both *this and other, if the object contained a value, it is left containing a value, and the other way round.

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