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std::experimental::ranges::SignedIntegral: std::experimental::ranges::SignedIntegral


std::experimental::ranges::SignedIntegral - std::experimental::ranges::SignedIntegral


Defined in header <experimental/ranges/concepts>
template < class T > (ranges TS)
concept bool SignedIntegral = Integral<T> && std::is_signed<T>::value;

The concept SignedIntegral<T> is satisfied if and only if T is an integral type and std::is_signed<T>::value is true.
There need not be any subsumption relationship between SignedIntegral<T> and std::is_signed<T>::value.


SignedIntegral<T> may be satisfied by a type that is not a signed_integer_type, for example, char (on a system where char is signed).

See also

is_integral checks if a type is an integral type
            (class template)

is_signed checks if a type is a signed arithmetic type
            (class template)