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std::experimental::ranges::exchange: std::experimental::ranges::exchange


std::experimental::ranges::exchange - std::experimental::ranges::exchange


Defined in header <experimental/ranges/utility>
template< MoveConstructible T, class U = T >
requires Assignable<T&, U> (ranges TS)
constexpr T exchange(T& obj, U&& new_val) noexcept(/* see below */);

Replaces the value of obj with new_value and returns the old value of obj, as if by

  T old_value = std::move(obj);
  obj = std::forward<U>(new_value);
  return old_value;


obj - object whose value to replace
new_value - the value to assign to obj

Return value

The old value of obj


noexcept specification:
noexcept(std::is_nothrow_move_constructible<T>::value &&
std::is_nothrow_assignable<T&, U>::value)


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See also

exchange replaces the argument with a new value and returns its previous value
         (function template)