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std::experimental::simd_abi::fixed_size: std::experimental::simd_abi::fixed_size


std::experimental::simd_abi::fixed_size - std::experimental::simd_abi::fixed_size


Defined in header <experimental/simd>
namespace simd_abi {
template < int N >
struct fixed_size {};

The simd_abi::fixed_size<N> tag type ensures data-parallel types to store and manipulate N elements (i.e. simd<T, simd_abi::fixed_size<N>>::size() returns N). An implementation shall support at least all N ∈ [1 … 32]. Additionally, for every supported simd<T, Abi>, where Abi is an implementation-defined ABI tag, N = simd<T, Abi>::size() shall be supported.


An implementation may choose to forego ABI compatibility between differently compiled translation units for simd and simd_mask instantiations using the same simd_abi::fixed_size<N> tag. Otherwise, the efficiency of simd<T, Abi> is likely to be better than simd<T, fixed_size<simd_size_v<T, Abi>>> (with Abi not an instance of simd_abi::fixed_size).

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