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std::experimental::simd_abi::max_fixed_size: std::experimental::simd_abi::max_fixed_size


std::experimental::simd_abi::max_fixed_size - std::experimental::simd_abi::max_fixed_size


Defined in header <experimental/simd>
namespace simd_abi {
template < class T >
inline constexpr int max_fixed_size = /*implementation-defined*/;

The value of max_fixed_size<T> declares that an instance of simd<T, fixed_size<N>> with N <= max_fixed_size<T> is supported by the implementation.


It is unspecified whether an implementation supports simd<T, fixed_size<N>> with N > max_fixed_size<T>. The value of max_fixed_size<T> may depend on compiler flags and may change between different compiler versions.