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std::experimental::source_location::source_location: std::experimental::source_location::source_location


std::experimental::source_location::source_location - std::experimental::source_location::source_location


constexpr source_location() noexcept; (1) (library fundamentals TS v2)
source_location( const source_location& other ) = default; (2) (library fundamentals TS v2)
                                                               (implicitly declared)
source_location( source_location&& other ) = default; (3) (library fundamentals TS v2)
                                                               (implicitly declared)

1) Constructs an source_location object whose values are implementation defined.
2-3) Implicitly declared copy and move constructors.


other - another source_location to copy from

See also

current constructs a new source_location
         (public static member function)