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std::feupdateenv: std::feupdateenv


std::feupdateenv - std::feupdateenv


Defined in header <cfenv>
int feupdateenv( const std::fenv_t* envp ) (since C++11)

First, remembers the currently raised floating-point exceptions, then restores the floating-point environment from the object pointed to by envp (similar to std::fesetenv), then raises the floating-point exceptions that were saved.
This function may be used to end the non-stop mode established by an earlier call to std::feholdexcept.


envp - pointer to the object of type std::fenv_t set by an earlier call to std::feholdexcept or std::fegetenv or equal to FE_DFL_ENV

Return value

0 on success, non-zero otherwise.

See also

feholdexcept saves the environment, clears all status flags and ignores all future errors

fegetenv saves or restores the current floating point environment
fesetenv (function)


FE_DFL_ENV default floating-point environment
             (macro constant)