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std::filesystem::file_status::file_status: std::filesystem::file_status::file_status


std::filesystem::file_status::file_status - std::filesystem::file_status::file_status


file_status() noexcept : file_status(std::filesystem::file_type::none) { } (1) (since C++17)
file_status( const file_status& ) noexcept = default; (2) (since C++17)
file_status( file_status&& ) noexcept = default; (3) (since C++17)
explicit file_status(
std::filesystem::file_type type, (4) (since C++17)
std::filesystem::perms permissions = std::filesystem::perms::unknown) noexcept;

Constructs a new file_status object.
1) Default constructor that calls (4) with std::filesystem::file_type::none.
2-3) Copy and move constructors are defaulted.
4) Initializes the file status object with type as type and permissions as permissions.


type - type of the file status
permissions - permissions of the file status


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