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std::filesystem::filesystem_error: std::filesystem::filesystem_error


std::filesystem::filesystem_error - std::filesystem::filesystem_error


Defined in header <filesystem>
class filesystem_error; (since C++17)

The class std::filesystem::filesystem_error defines an exception object that is thrown on failure by the throwing overloads of the functions in the filesystem library.
 std-filesystem-filesystem error-inheritance.svg
Inheritance diagram

Member functions

              constructs the error object
constructor (public member function)
              returns the paths that were involved in the operation that caused the error
path1 (public member function)
              returns the explanatory string
what (public member function)

Inherited from std::system_error

Member functions

          returns error code
code (public member function of std::system_error)

what returns explanatory string
          (virtual public member function of std::system_error)

Inherited from std::runtime_error

Inherited from std::exception

Member functions

destructor destroys the exception object
             (virtual public member function of std::exception)

what returns an explanatory string
             (virtual public member function of std::exception)


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