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std::filesystem::path::is_absolute,is_relative: std::filesystem::path::is_absolute,is_relative


std::filesystem::path::is_absolute,is_relative - std::filesystem::path::is_absolute,is_relative


bool is_absolute() const; (1) (since C++17)
bool is_relative() const; (2) (since C++17)

Checks whether the path is absolute or relative. An absolute path is a path that unambiguously identifies the location of a file without reference to an additional starting location. The first version returns true if the path, in native format, is absolute, false otherwise; the second version the other way round.



Return value

1) true if the path is absolute, false otherwise.
2) false if the path is absolute, true otherwise.




The path "/" is absolute on a POSIX OS, but is relative on Windows.

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