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std::filesystem::path::relative_path: std::filesystem::path::relative_path


std::filesystem::path::relative_path - std::filesystem::path::relative_path


path relative_path() const; (since C++17)

Returns path relative to root-path, that is, a pathname composed of every generic-format component of *this after root-path. If *this is an empty path, returns an empty path.



Return value

Path relative to the root_path.




// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <filesystem>
  namespace fs = std::filesystem;

  int main()
      fs::path p = fs::current_path();

      std::cout << "The current path " << p << " decomposes into:\n"
                << "root-path " << p.root_path() << '\n'
                << "relative path " << p.relative_path() << '\n';

Possible output:

  The current path "C:\Users\abcdef\Local Settings\temp" decomposes into:
  root-path "C:\"
  relative path "Users\abcdef\Local Settings\temp"

See also

               returns the root-name of the path, if present
root_name (public member function)
               returns the root directory of the path, if present
root_directory (public member function)
               returns the root path of the path, if present
root_path (public member function)