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std::filesystem::path::replace_extension: std::filesystem::path::replace_extension


std::filesystem::path::replace_extension - std::filesystem::path::replace_extension


path& replace_extension( const path& replacement = path() ); (1) (since C++17)

Replaces the extension with replacement or removes it when the default value of replacement is used.
Firstly, if this path has an extension(), it is removed from the generic-format view of the pathname.
Then, a dot character is appended to the generic-format view of the pathname, if replacement is not empty or does not begin with a dot character.
Then replacement is appended as if by operator+=(replacement)


replacement - the extension to replace with

Return value





The type of replacement is std::filesystem::path even though it is not intended to represent an object on the file system in order to correctly account for the filesystem character encoding.


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <filesystem>
  namespace fs = std::filesystem;

  int main()
      fs::path p = "/foo/bar.jpeg";
      std::cout << "Was: " << p << '\n';
      std::cout << "Now: " << p << '\n';


  Was: "/foo/bar.jpeg"
  Now: "/foo/bar.jpg"

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