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std::fpos<State>::state: std::fpos<State>::state


std::fpos<State>::state - std::fpos<State>::state


State state() const; (1)
void state( State st ); (2)

Manages the file position state.
1) Returns the value of the file position state
2) Replaces the file position state with the value of st.
For the specializations of std::fpos that are used in the standard library, State is always std::mbstate_t


st - new value for the state

Return value

1) the current value of the fpos state
2) (none)


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <sstream>
  #include <cwchar>

  int main()
      std::istringstream s("test");
      std::mbstate_t st = s.tellg().state();

          std::cout << "The stream is in the initial shift state\n";


  The stream is in the initial shift state

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