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std::gslice_array<T>::operator=: std::gslice_array<T>::operator=


std::gslice_array<T>::operator= - std::gslice_array<T>::operator=


void operator=( const T& value ) const; (1)
void operator=( const std::valarray<T>& val_arr ) const; (2)
const gslice_array& operator=( const gslice_array& sl_arr) const; (3) (since C++11)

Assigns values to all referred elements.
1) Assigns value to all of the elements.
2) Assigns the elements of val_arr to the referred to elements of *this.
3) Assigns the selected elements from sl_arr to the referred to elements of *this.


value - a value to assign to all of the referred elements
val_arr - std::valarray to assign
sl_arr - std::gslice_array to assign

Return value

1-2) (none)
3) *this




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