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std::hash(std::shared_ptr): std::hash(std::shared_ptr)


std::hash(std::shared_ptr) - std::hash(std::shared_ptr)


template<class T> struct hash<shared_ptr<T>>; (since C++11)

The template specialization of std::hash for std::shared_ptr<T> allows users to obtain hashes of objects of type std::shared_ptr<T>.
For a given std::shared_ptr<T> p, this specialization ensures that

std::hash<std::shared_ptr<T>>()(p) == std::hash<T*>()(p.get()). (until C++17)
std::hash<std::shared_ptr<T>>()(p) == std::hash<typename std::shared_ptr<T>::element_type*>()(p.get()). (since C++17)


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