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std::hash<std::variant>: std::hash<std::variant>


std::hash<std::variant> - std::hash<std::variant>


Defined in header <variant>
template <class... Types> (since C++17)
struct hash<std::variant<Types...>>;

The template specialization of std::hash for the std::variant template allows users to obtain hashes of variant objects.
The specialization std::hash<std::variant<Types...>> is enabled (see std::hash) if every specialization in std::hash<std::remove_const_t<Types>>... is enabled, and is disabled otherwise.
The member functions of this specialization are not guaranteed to be noexcept.

Template parameters

Types - the types of the alternatives supported by the variant object


Unlike std::hash<std::optional>, hash of a variant does not typically equal the hash of the contained value; this makes it possible to distinguish std::variant<int, int> holding the same value as different alternatives.


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