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std::list<T,Allocator>::emplace_front: std::list<T,Allocator>::emplace_front


std::list<T,Allocator>::emplace_front - std::list<T,Allocator>::emplace_front


template< class... Args > (since C++11)
void emplace_front( Args&&... args ); (until C++17)
template< class... Args > (since C++17)
reference emplace_front( Args&&... args );

Inserts a new element to the beginning of the container. The element is constructed through std::allocator_traits::construct, which typically uses placement-new to construct the element in-place at the location provided by the container. The arguments args... are forwarded to the constructor as std::forward<Args>(args)....
No iterators or references are invalidated.


args - arguments to forward to the constructor of the element

Type requirements

T (the container's element type) must meet the requirements of EmplaceConstructible.

Return value

(none) (until C++17)
A reference to the inserted element. (since C++17)




If an exception is thrown, this function has no effect (strong exception guarantee).

See also

           inserts an element to the beginning
push_front (public member function)