std::list<T,Allocator>::rend,std::list<T,Allocator>::crend (3) - Linux Man Pages

std::list<T,Allocator>::rend,std::list<T,Allocator>::crend: std::list<T,Allocator>::rend,std::list<T,Allocator>::crend


std::list<T,Allocator>::rend,std::list<T,Allocator>::crend - std::list<T,Allocator>::rend,std::list<T,Allocator>::crend


reverse_iterator rend(); (until C++11)
reverse_iterator rend() noexcept; (since C++11)
const_reverse_iterator rend() const; (until C++11)
const_reverse_iterator rend() const noexcept; (since C++11)
const_reverse_iterator crend() const noexcept; (since C++11)

Returns a reverse iterator to the element following the last element of the reversed container. It corresponds to the element preceding the first element of the non-reversed container. This element acts as a placeholder, attempting to access it results in undefined behavior.



Return value

Reverse iterator to the element following the last element.



See also

rbegin returns a reverse iterator to the beginning
crbegin (public member function)