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std::locale::name: std::locale::name


std::locale::name - std::locale::name


Defined in header <locale>
std::string name() const;

Returns the name of the locale, which is the name by which it is known to the operating system, such as "POSIX" or "en_US.UTF8" or "English_United States.1252". If the locale is not a copy of a system-supplied locale, the string "*" is returned.

Return value

The name of the locale or "*" if unnamed.


// Run this code

  #include <locale>
  #include <iostream>
  #include <string>

  int main()
      std::locale loc(std::locale(), new std::ctype<char>);
      std::cout << "The default locale is " << std::locale().name() << '\n'
                << "The user's locale is " << std::locale("").name() << '\n'
                << "A nameless locale is " << << '\n';


  The default locale is C
  The user's locale is en_US.UTF8
  A nameless locale is *

See also

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