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std::make_unsigned: std::make_unsigned


std::make_unsigned - std::make_unsigned


Defined in header <type_traits>
template< class T > (since C++11)
struct make_unsigned;

If T is an integral (except bool) or enumeration type, provides the member typedef type which is the unsigned integer type corresponding to T, with the same cv-qualifiers. The unsigned integer type corresponding to an enumeration type is the unsigned integer type with the smallest rank having the same sizeof as the enumeration.
Otherwise, the behavior is undefined.

Member types

Name Definition
type the unsigned integer type corresponding to T

Helper types

template< class T > (since C++14)
using make_unsigned_t = typename make_unsigned<T>::type;


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <type_traits>

  int main() {
      typedef std::make_unsigned<char>::type char_type;
      typedef std::make_unsigned<int>::type int_type;
      typedef std::make_unsigned<volatile long>::type long_type;

      bool ok1 = std::is_same<char_type, unsigned char>::value;
      bool ok2 = std::is_same<int_type, unsigned int>::value;
      bool ok3 = std::is_same<long_type, volatile unsigned long>::value;

      std::cout << std::boolalpha
      << "char_type is 'unsigned char'? : " << ok1 << '\n'
      << "int_type is 'unsigned int'? : " << ok2 << '\n'
      << "long_type is 'volatile unsigned long'? : " << ok3 << '\n';


  char_type is 'unsigned char'? : true
  int_type is 'unsigned int'? : true
  long_type is 'volatile unsigned long'? : true

See also

is_signed checks if a type is a signed arithmetic type
            (class template)

is_unsigned checks if a type is an unsigned arithmetic type
            (class template)

make_signed makes the given integral type signed
            (class template)