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std::match_results<BidirIt,Alloc>::match_results: std::match_results<BidirIt,Alloc>::match_results


std::match_results<BidirIt,Alloc>::match_results - std::match_results<BidirIt,Alloc>::match_results


match_results() : match_results(Allocator()) { } (1) (since C++11)
explicit match_results( const Allocator& a ); (2) (since C++11)
match_results( const match_results& rhs ); (3) (since C++11)
match_results( match_results&& rhs ) noexcept; (4) (since C++11)

1) Default-constructor. Constructs a match result with no established result state (ready() != true).
2) Constructs a match result with no established result state (ready() != true) using a copy of a as the allocator.
3) Copy-constructor. Constructs a match result with a copy of rhs.
4) Move-constructor. Constructs a match result with the contents of rhs using move semantics. rhs is in valid, but unspecified state after the call.


a - allocator to use for all memory allocations of this container
rhs - another match_result to use as source to initialize the match_result with


1-2) (none)

Defect reports

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DR Applied to Behavior as published Correct behavior
P0935R0 C++11 default constructor was explicit made implicit