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std::mem_fun_ref_t,std::mem_fun1_ref_t,std::const_mem_fun_ref_t,: std::mem_fun_ref_t,std::mem_fun1_ref_t,std::const_mem_fun_ref_t,


std::mem_fun_ref_t,std::mem_fun1_ref_t,std::const_mem_fun_ref_t, - std::mem_fun_ref_t,std::mem_fun1_ref_t,std::const_mem_fun_ref_t,


template< class S, class T >

class mem_fun_ref_t : public unary_function<T,S> {
public:                                                    (1) (deprecated in C++11)
explicit mem_fun_ref_t(S (T::*p)());                           (removed in C++17)
S operator()(T& p) const;

template< class S, class T >

class const_mem_fun_ref_t : public unary_function<T,S> {
public:                                                    (2) (deprecated in C++11)
explicit const_mem_fun_ref_t(S (T::*p)() const);               (removed in C++17)
S operator()(const T& p) const;

template< class S, class T, class A >

class mem_fun1_ref_t : public binary_function<T,A,S> {
public:                                                    (3) (deprecated in C++11)
explicit mem_fun1_ref_t(S (T::*p)(A));                         (removed in C++17)
S operator()(T& p, A x) const;

template< class S, class T, class A >

class const_mem_fun1_ref_t : public binary_function<T,A,S>
                                                             (deprecated in C++11)
public:                                                    (4) (removed in C++17)
explicit const_mem_fun1_ref_t(S (T::*p)(A) const);
S operator()(const T& p, A x) const;


Wrapper around a member function pointer. The class instance whose member function
to call is passed as a reference to the operator().

1) Wraps a non-const member function with no parameters.
2) Wraps a const member function with no parameters.
3) Wraps a non-const member function with a single parameter.
4) Wraps a const member function with a single parameter.

See also

mem_fun_ref           creates a wrapper from a pointer to member function, callable
(deprecated in C++11) with a reference to object
(removed in C++17)    (function template)
mem_fun1_t            wrapper for a pointer to nullary or unary member function,
const_mem_fun_t       callable with a pointer to object
const_mem_fun1_t      (class template)
(deprecated in C++11)
(removed in C++17)