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std::money_base - std::money_base


Defined in header <locale>
class money_base;

The class std::money_base provides constants which are inherited and used by the std::moneypunct, std::money_get and std::money_put facets.

Member types

Member type Definition
enum part { none, space, symbol, sign, value }; unscoped enumeration type
struct pattern { char field[4]; }; the monetary format type

Enumeration constant Definition
none whitespace is permitted but not required except in the last position, where whitespace is not permitted
space one or more whitespace characters are required
symbol the sequence of characters returned by moneypunct::curr_symbol is required
sign the first of the characters returned by moneypunct::positive_sign or moneypunct::negative_sign is required
value the absolute numeric monetary value is required


The monetary format is an array of four chars convertible to std::money_base::part. In that sequence, each of symbol, sign, and value appears exactly once, and either space or none appears in the remaining position. The value none, if present, is not first; the value space, if present, is neither first nor last.
The default format, returned by the standard specializations of std::moneypunct is {symbol, sign, none, value}

See also

           defines monetary formatting parameters used by std::money_get and std::money_put
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