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std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::decimal_point,do_decimal_point: std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::decimal_point,do_decimal_point


std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::decimal_point,do_decimal_point - std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::decimal_point,do_decimal_point


Defined in header <locale>
public: (1)
CharT decimal_point() const;
protected: (2)
virtual CharT do_decimal_point() const;

1) Public member function, calls the member function do_decimal_point of the most derived class.
2) Returns the character to use as the decimal point separator in monetary I/O if the format uses fractions (that is, if do_frac_digits() is greater than zero). For typical U.S. locales, it is the character '.' (or L'.')

Return value

The object of type CharT holding the decimal point character.


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <iomanip>
  #include <locale>

  void show_dpt(const char* locname)
      std::locale loc(locname);
      std::cout << locname << " decimal point is '"
                << std::use_facet<std::moneypunct<char>>(loc).decimal_point()
                << "' for example: " << std::showbase << std::put_money(123);
      if (std::use_facet<std::moneypunct<char>>(loc).frac_digits() == 0)
          std::cout << " (does not use frac digits) ";

      std::cout << '\n';

  int main()



  en_US.utf8 decimal point is '.' for example: $1.23
  ja_JP.utf8 decimal point is '.' for example: ¥123 (does not use frac digits)
  sv_SE.utf8 decimal point is ',' for example: 1,23 kr
  de_DE.utf8 decimal point is ',' for example: 1,23 €

See also

do_frac_digits provides the number of digits to display after the decimal point
               (virtual protected member function)