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std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::grouping,do_grouping: std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::grouping,do_grouping


std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::grouping,do_grouping - std::moneypunct<CharT,International>::grouping,do_grouping


Defined in header <locale>
public: (1)
std::string grouping() const;
protected: (2)
virtual std::string do_grouping() const;

1) Public member function, calls the member function do_grouping of the most derived class.
2) Returns the pattern that determines the grouping of the digits in the monetary output, with the same exact meaning as std::numpunct::do_grouping

Return value

The object of type std::string holding the groups. The standard specializations of std::moneypunct return an empty string, indicating no grouping. Typical groupings (e.g. the en_US locale) return "\003".


// Run this code

  #include <locale>
  #include <iostream>
  #include <iomanip>
  #include <iterator>
  struct space_out : std::moneypunct<char> {
      pattern do_pos_format() const { return { {value, none, none, none} };}
      int do_frac_digits() const { return 0; }
      char_type do_thousands_sep() const { return ' ';}
      string_type do_grouping() const { return "\002";}
  int main()
      std::cout << "american locale: " << std::showbase
                << std::put_money(12345678.0)<< '\n';

      std::cout.imbue(std::locale(std::cout.getloc(), new space_out));
      std::cout << "locale with modified moneypunct: "
                << std::put_money(12345678.0)<< '\n';


  american locale: $123,456.78
  locale with modified moneypunct: 12 34 56 78

See also

do_thousands_sep provides the character to use as thousands separator
                 (virtual protected member function)

do_decimal_point provides the character to use as decimal point
                 (virtual protected member function)