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std::move_iterator<Iter>::operator*,->: std::move_iterator<Iter>::operator*,->


std::move_iterator<Iter>::operator*,-> - std::move_iterator<Iter>::operator*,->


reference operator* () const; (until C++17)
constexpr reference operator* () const; (since C++17)
pointer operator->() const; (1) (until C++17)
constexpr pointer operator->() const; (2) (since C++17)
                                                              (deprecated in C++20)

Returns a rvalue-reference or pointer to the current element.

1) Equivalent to std::move(*base()); (until C++17)
1) Equivalent to static_cast<reference>(*base()); (since C++17)

2) Equivalent to base().



Return value

Rvalue-reference or pointer to the current element.


Note that (2) returns a pointer. When dereferencing a pointer the returned value is an lvalue. This may lead to unintended behavior.


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