std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::rbegin,std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::crbegin (3) - Linux Manuals

std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::rbegin,std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::crbegin: std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::rbegin,std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::crbegin


std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::rbegin,std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::crbegin - std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::rbegin,std::multiset<Key,Compare,Allocator>::crbegin


reverse_iterator rbegin(); (until C++11)
reverse_iterator rbegin() noexcept; (since C++11)
const_reverse_iterator rbegin() const; (until C++11)
const_reverse_iterator rbegin() const noexcept; (since C++11)
const_reverse_iterator crbegin() const noexcept; (since C++11)

Returns a reverse iterator to the first element of the reversed container. It corresponds to the last element of the non-reversed container. If the container is empty, the returned iterator is equal to rend().



Return value

Reverse iterator to the first element.




Because both iterator and const_iterator are constant iterators (and may in fact be the same type), it is not possible to mutate the elements of the container through an iterator returned by any of these member functions.

See also

rend returns a reverse iterator to the end
crend (public member function)