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std::ostreambuf_iterator<CharT,Traits>::ostreambuf_iterator: std::ostreambuf_iterator<CharT,Traits>::ostreambuf_iterator


std::ostreambuf_iterator<CharT,Traits>::ostreambuf_iterator - std::ostreambuf_iterator<CharT,Traits>::ostreambuf_iterator


ostreambuf_iterator( streambuf_type* buffer ) throw(); (until C++11)
ostreambuf_iterator( streambuf_type* buffer ) noexcept; (1) (since C++11)
ostreambuf_iterator( ostream_type& stream ) throw(); (2) (until C++11)
ostreambuf_iterator( ostream_type& stream ) noexcept; (since C++11)

1) Constructs the iterator with the private streambuf_type* member set to buffer and the failed() bit set to false. The behavior is undefined if buffer is a null pointer.
2) Same as ostreambuf_iterator(stream.rdbuf())


stream - the output stream whose rdbuf() will be accessed by this iterator
buffer - the output stream buffer to be accessed by this iterator


// Run this code

  #include <iostream>
  #include <fstream>
  #include <iterator>
  int main()
      std::basic_filebuf<char> f;"test.txt", std::ios::out);

      std::ostreambuf_iterator<char> out1(&f);

      std::ostreambuf_iterator<wchar_t> out2(std::wcout);

      *out1 = 'a';
      *out2 = L'a';