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std::quick_exit: std::quick_exit


std::quick_exit - std::quick_exit


Defined in header <cstdlib>
[[noreturn]] void quick_exit( int exit_code ) noexcept; (since C++11)

Causes normal program termination to occur without completely cleaning the resources.
Functions passed to std::at_quick_exit are called in reverse order of their registration. If an exception tries to propagate out of any of the functions, std::terminate is called. After calling the registered functions, calls std::_Exit(exit_code)
Functions passed to std::atexit are not called.


exit_code - exit status of the program

Return value



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See also

              causes abnormal program termination (without cleaning up)
abort (function)
              causes normal program termination with cleaning up
exit (function)
              registers a function to be called on std::exit() invocation
atexit (function)

at_quick_exit registers a function to be called on quick_exit invocation