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std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator++,operator++(int): std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator++,operator++(int)


std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator++,operator++(int) - std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator++,operator++(int)


regex_token_iterator& operator++(); (since C++11)
regex_token_iterator operator++(int); (since C++11)

Advances the iterator on the next sub match.

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If *this is a suffix iterator, sets *this to an end-of-sequence iterator.
Otherwise, if N + 1 < subs.size(), increments N and sets result to the address of the current match.
Otherwise, sets N to 0 and increments position. If position is not an end-of-sequence iterator the operator sets result to the address of the current match.
Otherwise, if any of the values stored in subs is equal to -1 and prev->suffix().length() is not 0 the operator sets *this to a suffix iterator that points to the range [prev->suffix().first, prev->suffix().second).
Otherwise, sets *this to an end-of-sequence iterator.
The behavior is undefined if the iterator is end-of-sequence iterator.



Return value

1) *this
2) The previous value of the iterator.