std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator==,operator!= (3) - Linux Manuals

std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator==,operator!=: std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator==,operator!=


std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator==,operator!= - std::regex_token_iterator<BidirIt,CharT,Traits>::operator==,operator!=


bool operator==( const regex_token_iterator& other ) const; (since C++11)
bool operator!=( const regex_token_iterator& other ) const; (since C++11)

Checks whether *this and other are equivalent.
Two regex token iterators are equal if:
a) They are both end-of-sequence iterators
b) They are both suffix iterators and the suffixes are equal.
c) Neither of them is end-of-sequence or suffix iterator and:

            * position == other.position
            * N == other.N
            * subs == other.subs

1) Checks whether *this is equal to other.
2) Checks whether *this is not equal to other.


other - another regex token iterator to compare to

Return value

1) true if *this is equal to other, false otherwise.
2) true if *this is not equal to other, false otherwise.